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August 9, 2016

August's Note from Charlie

Mother Nature has issued a water ban in the fly shop's immediate area! She has turned off the faucet and left us with low, did I say low, water!!! Heat, humidity and lack of clear, cold, crisp water has almost put a stop to fishing the Nissitissit and Squannacook rivers. Although, I did have a client in last Saturday who caught 3 nice rainbows in Gilman's pool on the Nissitissit. He was out at daybreak and off the water by 10:00 am. There are still some fish in the deeper pools on both rivers but be sure to get them to net quicker than normal, release them quickly and be sure to revive them sufficiently before release. The Swift River in Belchertown and the Deerfield River in Charlemont are still producing some nice fish daily. They seem to be your best bet until Mother Nature reconnects the water supply between heaven and earth.

Just back from New Mexico where I had the pleasure of fishing the fabled San Juan River. The catching was superb, the company I kept was outstanding and the food was more than adequate. I spent 4 days with my friend from Alberquerque, NM. While there I ran into Ralph, Dave and Dana, clients from the fly shop. They caught 30+ fish per day and had a great time of their own. They were staying at the venerable Abe's Motel at Navajo Dam, NM. The Suan Juan River should be on everyone's "bucket list" of fly fishing rivers as all the fish are big and angry! Most flies ranging from size 20-28 are the order of the day. Don't miss this river. Come in for details on how you can visit this river "on the cheap"!! Oh, by the way, I also caught lots of big angry ones each day! Biggest fish was 21".

Looking forward to my next trip in September 2016 to Colorado. 5 weeks till showtime!

See you at the shop and on the river!!

Regards and Thank you,

Charlie Shadan

Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

If you think buying from the mega fly fishing stores will get you better pricing, compare our prices on all products. Charlie did an analysis and found his prices were much better across the board.

Don't be fooled by the megastore image. Their overhead is enormous and someone has to pay for that! In addition, you get to see, touch, and feel the products at Evening Sun before you buy. The big bonus is there are no shipping charges.

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2016 Rewards Program

New Merchandise

I have finally received a case (16) books of the much heralded new book: Flyfishers Guide to New England - by Lou Zambello. This book is an exhaustive compilation of information not before seen for the New England states. Go to page 31 in this book and you will see a photo of yours truly fighting a rainbow on the Westfield River. If you want my autograph, there will be a charge!! Lou Z is a good friend of mine and he allowed me to help him with several sections of the book. Don't miss getting a copy of this one.

Rain jackets, nets (rubber netting) and new chests packs and sling packs dominate the new offerings at the shop. Come in and see the selection of Korkers wading boots heralded as the most comfortable wading boot on the market. These boots have interchangeable soles that allow us to fish everywhere. You want felt, rubber, studded felt, studded rubber - they've got it all. Come see what you are missing if you don't already fish in Korkers!!!

I have recently started importing rods from overseas and I have many beautiful new rods to choose from at low, low prices!! They are high quality and include beautiful Bamboo Rods. Come take a look for yourself!!

Felt-Soled Wader Ban is Repealed in Vermont. Rock snot no longer thought invasive exotic.

Fly Fishing School October 2!