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Fly Fishing Instruction Reviews

Charlie communicates all the elements of fly fishing in a manner that is easy to understand and retain. In the afternoon, guides were scheduled to take us out to a river for some live action. I drove home feeling confident in my ability to fly fish. Charlie's passion about fly fishing is clear and he made the class very enjoyable. I'm glad to have Charlie as a resource and will support his shop.

Thank you,

Ross Grant
October 19, 2016

Hi Charlie,

I wanted to write a short note to thank you for the nymph class you conducted last Saturday. I consider myself basically self-taught and have bought videos and books to help me understand fly fishing and nymphing in particular. I drove home after your class feeling like I could have saved myself a lot of time, and a lot of money, if I simply took one class with you. Needless to say, it was an eye-opening class. I now understand what I was doing wrong. The tips and tricks you showed as they related to tackle were easily worth more than the cost of the class. And as a bonus, how many additional tips and tricks did you show us? A lot! Really neat, useful ideas and techniques relating to fly fishing in general. In short, I’m finding it a LOT faster to learn face to face with a good teacher, and you are a great teacher - very patient and you passionately share your experience.

Thanks again for the boost up on the learning curve with techniques that work. In closing, I still want to know how you trained that beautiful brown trout to take your fly on the first cast, while demonstrating the techniques!

Best wishes,

Rich LaBombard

Townsend, MA

June 2, 2014

Hi Charlie,

I wanted to let you know that the class Frazier and I took yesterday (Sept, 29th) was very rewarding. We had a great time and learned a considerable amount.

With the foundation for fly fishing, gained through your instruction, Frazier and I have several days on the many beautiful trout rivers around New England in our future. The money spent on this class has created something he and I can share for a life time, and that's priceless. Frazier was bummed about doing the class because he had to miss his hockey game, no small sacrifice in our house, but on the ride home from your shop he told me he would like to have a pair of boots and waders and was trying to figure out what day we may have off fish. Plans for next summer are in the works!

For my personal take on the class, I felt it was very thorough. You delivered a great amount of information and instruction in a single day that just flew by! The class portion was comfortable, entertaining and informative. I was fortunate to be in a class comprised of very pleasant people.The coffee and pastries were good, the lunch and cider were delicious, and the weather was perfect!

If I were to recommend The Evening Sun Fly Shop to anyone, I would surely tell them about the classes offered, the quality and selection of product in your shop, and the professionalism and passion for fly fishing I've experienced in dealing with you and Brian, but I would most importantly tell them to spend their money locally at a fly shop that gives back to the community through education, and active participation in the conservation of our waterways.It's grass roots individuals like you that make a difference in our communities.

I now have a passion for something I put on the back burner years ago. I look forward to frequent visits to The Evening Sun Fly Shop.

Thanks Charlie and congratulations on a first class local business!


Craig Hines

September 30, 2013


I came to your shop on Friday, July 12 for a lesson and I would like to give you some feedback on the experience.

Thank you! The lesson was extraordinary. You are a gifted instructor and it is clear that you enjoy fly fishing and sharing your love of the sport with others. The fly fishing lesson was one of the highlights of my vacation in the north east. I also want to express to you how much I appreciate that you let me borrow a rod and reel. I went fishing near North Conway and even caught some fish!!! Needless to say, I'm completely hooked on fly fishing. I have been learning all I can from books and podcasts (from Orvis) that provide good tips, and I will be taking a crash course in fly fishing and fly tying at K-State University in November. My kids (2, 4, and 6) are even excited about it - they all see me practicing my casting in the yard and they want to join in too. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a spot on the website where I could write a glowing review. Maybe you will be able to use parts of this email in advertising.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I hope that you enjoyed your trip to Colorado as much as I enjoyed my trip to New Hampshire with the borrowed fly rod. I will certainly stop by when I am in the area. Thank you again for everything.

Yours truly,

Peter J. Sullivan

August 12, 2013

Hi Charlie,

I wanted to leave you a quick email regarding the fly fishing class I attended on May 5th. The class was awesome, I wish I took the class five years ago! The way you teach the class and the information you provided really shows your knowledge and passion for fly fishing. The instructors/guides that we had for the hands on portion were very experienced and well-informed.

I had the opportunity to have Dick Peterson as my instructor/guide. Dick had a ton of information and was as patient as a saint, and he needed it ha ha! By the end of the day my casting and my ability to read the water increased 100%.

I encourage anyone who wants to learn how to fly fish and wants a solid foundation and understating to attend this class, it was well worth every penny!

I’m sure I will be seeing you soon to make a few purchases.

Dan Proietti

May 5, 2013

After 30 years of WANTING to learn how to fly cast, I finally attended Charlie Shadan‘s Evening Sun Fly Shop’s all day course, and by the end of the day I was actually fishing with a fly rod.

Starting at 9:00 AM sharp, the eight attendees began learning from an experienced teacher as well as from someone who’s life revolves around the art. In the morning “hands on” session, with clarity, repetition and humor, we were taught everything from the arbor knot on the spool of the fly reel to the surgeons knot that secured the fly and everything in between.

After the lunch break (supplied as part of the class) we gathered outside the shop to learn how to assemble and set up our fly rods. As a total novice, I had NO EQUIPMENT and was supplied everything I needed for an afternoon in the water: rod, reel, waders, wading staff, all were in excellent condition and well fitted under the watchful eye of Charlie and the collection of certified guides that joined us for the second half of the day.

We drove to our spot on the river and began learning the movements that would eventually allow me to place a fly somewhat effectively on the water, near to where I was aiming for! By 2PM I was standing, with my guide at my shoulder, hip deep in a beautiful spot on the Nissitisett River, happily practicing the mechanics of the different casts and watching with envy as my son tied into a rainbow trout. After he lost his fish (his surgeons knot failed him) I asked him what he learned from that. His reply: “ Tie the knots like Charlie showed us and don’t settle for good enough.” A hard lesson, but one he’ll never forget.

We ended the day back in the shop with final words from the master after having made some great new friends and plans for future trips already forming. I would certainly recommend this class to anyone interested in developing their fly fishing skills. This was certainly money and time well spent. I learned something I can practice for the rest of my life and take with me anywhere I go. Charlie Shadan’s Evening Sun Fly Shop is the real deal.


Gary Young

May 1, 2012

I am a relative beginner to fly fishing, and was thrilled to receive a gift certificate for a lesson with Charlie. He proved to be both an exceptional instructor and a great guy to spend 4 hours on the water with. Charlie is a very knowledgeable fly fisherman, and his passion for the sport is infectious. His patient and thorough instruction helped me work out a lot of my self-taught bad habits, and armed me with some new techniques to practice on my own. I was expecting to learn a lot of tips and techniques, but what I didn’t expect were the two great Rainbow Trout I landed in the process. I now eagerly look forward to my weekends so I can get back out on the water and practice all of the great things I learned, and hopefully hook a few more trout while I’m at it.

Thanks for your help Charlie!

- Mike White

March 27, 2012